Saturday, March 25

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan comments on Kerala Budget 2023-24

Thiruvananthapuram : Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said that the Budget 2023-24 is a strong intervention to positively overcome the financial hurdles created by the Central Government and take the state forward on the path of development.

Kerala’s economic growth reaching double digits indicates strong progress. Ours is the highest growth rate since 2012. Our agro-industrial sectors are on the steps of renaissance. The Finance Minister has presented a budget that will accelerate and give more impetus to this development journey.

Quality employment opportunities, emphasis on environment protection, infrastructure development and higher education along with science and technology sector are the hallmarks of this budget. The budget aims to make decentralization more effective and empower local self-government bodies. A comprehensive approach has been adopted in the budget to improve government services and extend the helping hand of the government to all sections and all sectors.

The budget has also sought ways of resource mobilization to enable development and all-round welfare of the people amidst difficulties and obstacles.

Efficiency in Tax Collection GST This translates into a 24 percent growth in revenue. Fiscal consolidation is evident in indices.

The budget proposals, including Rs 2,000 crore set aside to deal with price hikes and Rs 600 crore as subsidy to help rubber farmers neglected by the Centre, reflect the government’s determination to reduce the burden on people’s lives. The country is recovering from the impact of natural calamities and epidemics. The Chief Minister said that he is sure that the people of Kerala will wholeheartedly support the budget, which is intended to move the country forward, overcoming such difficulties and the neglectful and inequality-enhancing approaches of the central government.