Free Fire OB28 Advance Server Update; Know How to Register, Login and Download the APK HERE

If You are looking to download the Free Fire OB28 Advance server new updated app, then you are at the right place. To know how to download keep reading this article.

Gareena Free Fire OB28 Advance Server Update

Gareena Free Fire which is one of the most popular downloaded global game have finally reveled the expected date and the deadline to download the app that will be soon hosted by the Gareen on the official advance server website. All those who want to try out the latest new features those can register for the free fire advance server download.

All the players can simply visit the official website and can register for the same at the official website. The advance server will be giving a new features for the player to try and the players can report bugs and glitches in the game and those who report the game will be rewarded with many gifts by Gareena.

What is FF OB28 Advance Server ?

Free Fire (FF) OB28 Advance server is the new test server by game developers. Once the game developers have designed the new update for the game, Gareena will be testing the update through the Advance server portal, where all the players can test the latest features in the game, the players can report bugs, glitches and can make suggestions to make the game better those players will be rewarded by various gifts by Gareena. Once the Test is finished the Gareena will be releasing the game on the main server as a stable release. The stable version of the game is available to download from the Google Play Store. But the Advance server will be only be able to download from the official website.

How to Register and Download the Free Fire OB28 Advance Server APK ?

The Players those who wish to try the latest features of the game will be able to register at the official website. Players can follow the steps mentioned below to register and download the APK File.

1. Visit the official website

2. Tap on the ‘Login Facebook’ button to register yourself.

3. Enter the required credentials

4. Click on the submit button

5. After clicking you have successfully registered for the Advance Server

6. Once the game have been hosted by the Gareena, you can download the APK file

7. Once the download is completed just install the file and you are ready to go!

After opening the game the application will be asking for the Activation code, to knwo about activation code read the section How to Get Activation Code

How to Get Activation Code for Free Fire OB28 Advance Server ?

The Activation code for the game will be given by the developers to selected members by Gareena. The code will be sent to the registered email by Gareena. Once the code is obtained the players can simply open the application and use the activation code for logging in for the first time.

For more details Visit the official website